If you have been practicing yoga for a few months or a few years, chances are you have heard your teacher talk about retreats to exotic locations. While retreats can seem intimidating, especially if you are new to yoga, they are an excellent way to deepen your practice, as well as a way to disconnect from the noise of your everyday life. Retreats allow you to experience your wellness, your values, and your thoughts in a more focused and sensitive environment.

Where Should You Go on Retreat?

One of the qualities of a yoga retreat is to take your yoga practice out of the studio or gym and surround your self with a natural environment that is inspiring and calming. This is why so many yoga retreats are in locations that connect with nature on a deeper level. While it’s entirely possible to experience the benefits that a yoga retreat has to offer without leaving your city limits, the most rewarding and restorative retreats are ones that take you away from everyday stresses and allow you to be one with nature.

A quick search on Google shows there are almost 1,000 yoga retreats available for booking in 2017, so whatever your personal goals or desired destination is, chances are there is a yoga retreat that is right for you.

Colorado Yoga Retreats

The beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains sets the stage for many highly regarded yoga retreats. Colorado is a four-season state, and many yoga retreats incorporate the beauty and majesty that is available to nature enthusiasts. From skiing, to hiking, to mountain or road biking, many retreats in the Centennial state blend a love of the outdoors with the calming discipline of yoga.

Even if you prefer to leave the sports to others, there are many yoga retreats in Colorado that focus attention on just yoga and meditation.  Whatever type of program you choose, having the majesty of the American West as the backdrop to your practice is sure to deepen an internal awareness.

Tulum Yoga Retreats

Maya Tulum, located on the East coast of Mexico about an hour south of Cancun, is home to many popular yoga retreats. Tulum is an ancient Mayan walled city, and an important archaeology site. The Mayan ruins in Tulum hold many secrets about the ancient civilization, and this mystery and sense of spirituality add dimension to many yogis’ quest for deeper understanding and meaning in life.

One of the joys of a yoga retreat in Tulum is the opportunity to practice in a naturally warm and humid environment. After your practice take a meditative walk on white sandy beaches, then swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean for a truly blissful experience.

Most Tulum based yoga retreats offer a variety of housing options, from camping on the beach to four star lodging and amenities.

Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Surfing and yoga go hand in hand. Both disciplines require balance and mindfulness, so blending the two is common in yoga retreats that are based in the Central American nation of Costa Rica.  Known for its friendly and accessible surfing culture, as much as its eco-forward environment, Costa Rica is home to dozens of yoga retreats.

While many programs are located near the ocean, there are plenty more that are inland and capture the sensibilities of people who are seeking a quieter, more mindful and ecological experience.

Thailand Yoga Retreats

For the ultimate in exotic locations, a yoga retreat to Thailand can take you geographically closer to yoga’s roots than those that are based in the Americas. With literally hundred of retreats to choose from, an experience in Thailand is sure to deepen your connection with your spirit and your dharma.

Many yogis travel to Thailand and other parts of Asia to spend time practicing in a tropical and uniquely foreign environment. Because of the oppressive heat and humidity, some practitioners feel a deeper connection with the history of yoga and those who have come before them. The only relief from the heat is by way of conscious thought and deed, which is the ultimate experience for many contemporary yogis.

Thailand is also a popular destination for those who are pursuing teacher certifications, and want to fully participate in the culture and history of yoga.

A Place For Everyone

Like yogis, retreats come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The most important thing to consider when choosing a yoga retreat is what you hope to learn over the course of the program. Once you have identified your goal, choosing a location or pricing program that suits your lifestyle and budget should be easy.

With so many options currently available, sometimes the recommendation of a trusted friend or teacher is the best way to find a yoga retreat to attend.

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