What is glamping? Read on to learn more.

A conjoined word, glamping combines the words glamor and camping. The term refers to the modern-day way of camping where instead of living in traditional tents, and having to make-do without the conveniences of modern-day technology and amenities – people live in updated, modernized, tech-ready tents.

1. Stay in a Pod or Dome

Staying in traditional tents is a thing of the past. Today, you have the opportunity to stay in fancy pods and domes. These eco-friendly creations are generally immovable structures that provide travelers with an unforgettable experience. Marvel at the framework that holds these structures together.

Find out more about the best and most luxurious cubes and pods here.


glamping tour

2. Book a Glamping Tour

In the 1920s, the upper classes of British society saw ‘going on safari’ as the must-do thing. It was a rite of passage. Today, many people love the idea of going glamping, but don’t quite know what to do or see when they make a reservation at a glamping site. Packaged glamping tours meet this need. Glamping packages take you around the world, or they take you around the country. Many of these packages put you in glamping tents located within National Parks and protected forests. Your days will usually be planned for you, so all you need to do is wake up and see what’s on your schedule for that day.

3. Go Glamping in a Cave

There’s almost nothing you can’t experience when you go glamping. From staying in a tree house to staying in a cave, there are numerous weird and wacky places to find accommodations. With their modern conveniences, people staying in clamping caves view, experience, and live in a unique setting without giving up creature comforts. It’s camping on a whole new level.


todos santos

4. Glamping is a Global Phenomenon

Do you think glamping is just an American trend? Think again. The glamping movement is worldwide with some of the best glamping sites found in Asia, Africa and Europe. According to National Geographic, the following sites are some of the best in the world:

Todos Santos in Mexico

Garden Village in Slovenia

Serengeti & Silverbacks in East Africa

Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp in Thailand

5. Glamping Can Be a Road Trip Experience

Today’s trailers and RVs are fitted out with convenience in mind, and contain a lot to make them livable for long stretches at a time. For this reason, many people take cross country road trips in mobile homes. You can plan a road trip with multiple destinations because of the ease of travel afforded by a customized, modern RV or trailer. Gone are the days of cramped, shabby trailer homes that you could hardly move in.


Now that you know a bit more about glamping, are you excited to get out there and have more fun in nature? Make your weekends and summer breaks more enjoyable by planning a glamping trip with family and friends. You won’t regret it.

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