There are four different types of glamping tents, They are yurts, tepees, cubes, and pods. Which one is right for you?

Many people new to glamping are pleasantly surprised when they see the different glamping habitats available. Unlike traditional tents, glamping offers so many options. From dome shaped pods to square cubes to round Turkish inspired yurts.

With so many choices, how do you know which glamping tent is right for you?


glamping tents

1. Yurts

Yurts are round trellis-walled shelters that come in many different sizes, and are oftentimes portable. They have Russian and Turkish origins, and the design has been around for many centuries. One thing all yurts have in common is they are all circular. Their circular nature is what sets them apart from other glamping tents and accommodations. You can purchase your own yurt if you want to go glamping in remote areas or you can opt to book a yurt that’s already setup and installed at a glamping site.

2. Tipi/Tepee

Many luxury glamping sites offer tipi shaped accommodations. Tipis are conical tents that were originally made of skins or canvas. The skins are held and secured onto a series of framing poles. They were traditionally the homes of American Indians, but have today inspired the glamping accommodations industry. Travelers who want a unique experience now have the opportunity to stay in one.


glamping tents

3. Cubes, Domes and Pods

Cubes, domes and pods have got to be some of the most sophisticated glamping tents around. These accommodations often come as single room, round or square, structures. The exciting part about cubes, domes, and pods are the many ways you can set them up.

Take pods, for example. They can be suspended mid-air and hang over a cliff edge or rock outcropping. No other glamping habitat provides this kind of extreme experience. However, if hanging over a cliff edge is not your thing, that’s not the only way you can set pods up. Cubes and domes are generally secured firmly to the ground in a picturesque setting such as in a grove of trees or in a valley.

You’ll find some of the best cubes, pods, and domes at EcoCamp in Patagonia, or Whitepod in Switzerland, or Ridgeback Lodge in Canada.


glamping tents

4. Traditional Glamping Tents

Lastly, we have the traditional glamping accommodation, however, glamping tents are nothing like regular camping tents. The whole point of glamping is to have a different experience from ordinary camping. Hence, the tents are better, offer more, and are sometimes situated on an elevated platform like Lee Glamping Tent located in Virginia. Another glamping destination that offers tents in the US is The Texas Bell Glamping, located in Texas. Both these destinations feature tents that offer modern day conveniences such as A/C, custom decks, hot water, flushing toilets and fully furnished beds.


With so many glamping tents available to choose from, there’s one that’s right for you. One with the right style and living arrangement. Does the idea of a yurt charm you? Maybe the experience of staying in a tipi is what your’e looking for. If you’re in need of an adventure, why not rent a suspended pod. That’s bound to give you an adrenaline rush. Plus, it’ll make for a great story when you get back!

Image Source: Adobe Stock

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