It’s Shark Week! It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Discovery Shark Week. Even if you missed the latest Shark Week meme, you’ve probably seen at least one Shark Week tee shirt. Fans have a Shark Week countdown and might even commit to a Shark Week Halloween costume. It’s everywhere. If you’ve only managed to catch a Shark Week commercial or two, you might have some questions. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Shark Week.

General Questions

It’s likely that you have a vague understanding of what Shark Week is, but here is some more specific information. Grab a Shark Week shirt and get ready for an awesome week.

What is Shark Week?

Shark Week is an annual, week-long event on the Discovery Channel that revolves around special Shark Week episodes of your favorite shows plus added special programming and events to round out the Shark Week schedule.

It originally aired back in July of 1988. During Shark Week, urban viewers get to see things that are completely foreign to them while those who live on the coasts can experience a Shark Week movie that shows them a different side of an animal they might already be familiar with.

The great thing about Shark Week is that everyone gets something out of it.

When is Shark Week?

Discovery Channel Shark Week

Shark Week dates are different every year. For example, Shark Week 2014 began on August 10 and Shark Week 2015 began on July 5. The Shark Week period is usually a week but Discovery Channel dubbed that summer of 2015 the “Summer of the Shark” and extended the themed programming into the end of August.

When does Shark Week start for 2017? July 23.

What Channel is Shark Week On?

As you might know, your Shark Week channel is Discovery Channel. If you’re wondering how to watch Shark Week without cable, you have a few options.

While you can’t watch Shark Week online, you can watch some teasers and a Shark Week episode they’ve put on their website for early viewing.

They also do a Shark Week live stream from the National Aquarium in Baltimore that you can find on their website, where you’ll also find themed Shark Week videos. If you want to catch all of the main programming, though, you’ll have to watch it on television.

Shark Week Trivia

Shark week girls in Discovery Channel shark week t-shirts

Courtesy: Nathan Super/Flickr

If you’re still not convinced that Shark Week is worth it, these cool facts might be enough to entice you.

1. Did you know there is an official Shark Week drinking game? A word of warning: play with caution! One quick look at the rules will tell you this is a game that is designed to get you into trouble.

2. If you’re looking for a Shark Week costume, you’re not alone. People don’t just dress up for Halloween as sharks and Shark Week shirts just aren’t going to cut it. Fans dress up their pets, kids, and themselves just to watch Shark Week programming.

3. In 2013, controversy was stirred up thanks to the Shark Week Megalodon documentary which was followed up with a sequel in 2014. The problem? The megalodon Shark Week documentary was fake as it’s a prehistoric creature that has long been extinct. The channel claimed it was to lighten to mood of an otherwise science heavy week. Although these were among the most popular Shark Week programs, the debate was over whether something fictional should air on a channel known for educational programming.

4. Actor Paul Walker studied marine biology in college and was in the middle of filming a special about a pregnancy great white shark. The conclusion of the Paul Walker Shark Week program was filmed after his tragic death in 2013. It’s evident from clips that he truly was a shark enthusiast.

Shark Week 2017

This year promises to be better than ever! Make sure you tune into Shark Week on Sunday, July 23 to see what amazing shows they have on deck.

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