If you’re an avid camper, you probably already have a camping gear list. But that list might need some tweaking based on the trends of 2017. This year has seen some awesome improvements in traditional gear.

Even if you aren’t (yet) an avid camper, seeing the cool camping gear on this list will get you ready to head out into the great outdoors.

The best part about the camping trends of 2017 is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get the best camping gear. Cheap or discount camping gear is just as on-trend as some of the more expensive pieces of equipment.

Read on to find out which items you need to add to your current gear list.

Cool Camping Gear – The Latest Trends to Check Out

Here are just three of the latest trends in really cool camping gear.

Off-the-Ground Tents

camping gear
That’s right – tents are now going above ground. These are vehicle-mounted tents that attach to the roof of your vehicle. The tents get you off of the cold ground and safely away from nocturnal critters.

Boots That Stick to the Ice

Arctic Grip is a brand-new rubber compound that multiple hiking shoe brands are adding to the soles of their boots. The claim – which has been proven in tests – is that this compound gives boots three times better grip than the average hiking boot.

The Inflatable Hammock

You can’t get more comfortable than this. More than a dozen companies are now offering air-filled couches, aka hammocks. After a long day of hiking, this will be a nice way to relax.

Cheap Camping Gear – Gear That’s $100 or Less

When most people compare camping to run-of-the-mill vacation options, camping usually comes out on top when it comes to affordability. You don’t have to pay for a hotel, meals at expensive restaurants, or the latest movies in your hotel room.

But that doesn’t mean that camping is necessarily “cheap.” While a campsite is fairly affordable, the camping gear you have to take along is where things can easily get expensive.

Thankfully, there are some more affordable options. That’s right – there’s such a thing as cheap camping gear. And just because you pay less doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality.

Here are some of the best discount camping gear of the year that are under $100.

Get the Best Night’s Sleep with a Foam Pad and a Wool Army Blanket

cheap camping gear
You don’t need to spend money on a sleeping bag, a cot, or an inflatable mattress. Instead, spend $10 on a foam pad (closed cell is best), plus $15 for a wool army blanket. The pad will make sleeping on the ground really comfortable, and the wool blanket is nice and heavy, which will keep you warm during those cold nights under the stars.

Stay Warm and Dry with a Wool Cap and Vinyl Poncho

One of the most important safety tips for campers is to stay warm and dry. If it rains or if you’re around water and your clothes get wet, you could be in danger of hypothermia.

Yes, you can hang your clothes over the fire to dry (and you should). But you can also take some precautions.

When you go hiking, make sure to take a vinyl poncho with you. And don’t forget your wool cap. All extremities – feet, hands, and head – should be kept warm at all times.

A wool cap and vinyl poncho will cost around $7 to $10.

The Mora Companion Knife – One of the Best Knives on the Market

While spending time in the great outdoors, you’re going to need a knife. Most people think you need to spend $60 to $100 to get a high-quality, outdoor knife.

The fact of the matter is that the Mora Companion – a major bargain at $13 – is just as good as the more expensive knives on the market.

It comes in stainless steel, carbon, or stainless steel serrated varieties.

Will Your Camping Gear List Change in 2017?

This year has proven to be a great one for camping gear. Whether you’re looking for discount camping gear or more expensive, more unique pieces of equipment – 2017 has given you a lot of choices.

This gear will make your camping experience so much better. You’ll be more efficient when completing tasks around the campsite, giving you more time to do the things you love – hiking, fishing, and swimming for example.

If you’re ready to have the best camping trip yet, invest in some of the best camping gear 2017 has to offer.

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