Bandon, Oregon is a beach lover’s dream town.

From its rugged coastline and pristine, quiet beaches to its gorgeous sea views and different beach choices, Bandon has it all.

Located 90 miles North of the California border, Bandon, Oregon is a quiet and serene seaside spot on the Southern Oregon coast.

Its population of 3,100 people creates a sleepy feel, undisturbed by tourists or partiers, creating the perfect scene for a relaxing and wholesome beach town experience.

That being said, it’s not a ghost town – which may be great for some of you to know. It still has visitors enjoying the coastal life, however, the population is nothing in comparison to a destination like Cannon Beach.

Bandon, Oregon provides you with large areas of sand all for yourself, however, still offers the ability to say hello to other beach-goers.

Besides soaking up the serene beach life and chill vibes that come with it, there are a lot of beach activities to enjoy as well.

What to Do in Bandon, Oregon

A defining feature of the coast of Oregon is its sea stacks which are the remnants of an old marine terrace.

These rocks are incredible to see and provide great photoshoot and cave exploring opportunities. These rocks are homes for mussels, barnacles, sea anemones and starfish that hold onto the sides along with numerous bird species that use the rocks for making nests.

Although visitors aren’t allowed to climb the rocks as they’re considered part of the Oregon Island National Wildlife Refuge, you can still observe the sea life in this area close-up.

Face Rock is also another notable rock in Bandon, Oregon due to its legendary Elephant Rock which, as you probably can guess, is shaped like an elephant. At these rocks, you can also find Komax which is shaped as a dog.

The sea stacks and rocks are geological formations created by sea water erosion. The force of the crashing waves against the rocks and headland weakens the already existing cracks and causes them to breakdown, leaving stacks and small, island-like areas.

Of course, in Bandon, Oregon, if rocks and sea life don’t amaze you, you can always beach hop as there are lots of gorgeous beaches to choose from.

List of 4 Best Beaches in Bandon, Oregon

While the sleepiness of the town of Bandon may sway some people from visiting, for others, it excites them. Sleepy beach towns encourage visitors to do what beach towns do best: simply relax on a number of beaches.

For the ultimate beach-hopping experience, we’ve narrowed down the 4 best beaches and have explained why we think they deserve to be on your itinerary.

1. Seven Devils State Recreation Site

This beach site comes fully equipped with bathrooms and picnic tables, creating the perfect start-off point for a full-day beach adventure.

Bring your snacks and picnic, set up, and start the day off right with a loaded meal by the water. Seven Devils State Recreation Site is accessible for several miles from the parking lots which is a popular start-off point for beachcombers due to its many agates.

After your meal, you can take a 2-mile jaunt South to find Whiskey Run Beach where you can participate in windsurfing or watch the pros do their thing.

2. Bandon State Natural Area

This area highlights the infamous sea stacks, birds and harbor seals and holds access to lots of parking options.

These beaches can be accessed by the jetty near the Old Town or Kronenberg County Park, China Creek or the Devil’s Kitchen.

The beaches in this area provide a perfect day of walking, beachcombing, wading, picnicking and watching the sunset – the ideal beach experience.

3. Paradise Point State Recreation Site

Paradise Point State Recreation Site can be found 27 miles south of Bandon, Oregon and is considered one of the most peaceful beaches in the region.

Beach-goers can beachcomb for agates while soaking up the incredible views both north and south.

Bring a picnic and blanket to create the perfect relaxing beach day.

4. Tseriadun State Recreation Site

This site is a dream spot for beachcombers looking for agate as Tseriadun State Recreation site is known by locals as “Agate Beach”.

This spot is also quite popular for fishers and photographers, as well as drivers looking for a pit stop as it can be seen from Highway 101.

Bandon Oregon Best Beaches Final Thoughts

Bandon Oregon has many different beaches you can explore and enjoy, however, each beach’s main purpose stays the same: to offer a simple and laid-back beach experience.

Beaches are a great way to disconnect from the outside world, from hectic plans or meetings, occasions or errands. That’s why Bandon’s beaches offer some of the best beach experiences there are. All you need to do when you’re here is soak up some seaside medicine, find some rocks, make a picnic, read and simply relax.

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