Looking for a getaway that includes all the charms of the Caribbean without making a huge dent in your pocket?  Where you can find some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world?  An Enlightening Escape is not hard to find in Belize and it is why we say, YOU BETTER BELIZE IT!


Belize is a small country located on the Caribbean side of Central America, surrounded by the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea.  On the Eastern Coast you will find the Belize Barrier Reef.  Its size is second to the Australian, Great Barrier Reef.  Many marine species and various coral reefs can be found surrounding its various cays.  Belize is well-noted for its world class snorkeling and scuba diving.  It is also home to various jungles, tiny villages and Ancient Mayan Ruins.

The Great Blue Hole: The Ultimate in Scuba Diving

The Great Blue Hole is a underwater natural phenomenon, and has long held the fascination of marine scientists and oceanic explorers. In fact, Jacques Cousteau spent much of his time exploring its depths and underwater terrain.  It is a giant underwater sinkhole found miles off the coast of mainland Belize.   Being a sinkhole, colorful reef and sea life will be hard to find, instead you will find several underwater stalactites.The Great Blue Hole is considered to be one of the most unique places to scuba dive.  However, this dive is only for the experienced diver, requiring at least 24 logged dives.   Despite its exclusivity, it remains an ultimate bucket list dive for many.  

Belize City to San Pedro

Upon arrival, the charm of this tiny caribbean country is palpable.  The warmth of the Belizean people is easily felt as you walk the streets of Belize City.  Often you can catch a ride with a taxi cab driver who blasting some old school reggae.  From Belize City it is easy to catch a boat ride to one of the cays located on the barrier reef.  San Pedro Island is a popular stop.  From here it is easy to stay at a beachside Hotel where you can walk the boardwalk and have a midnight swim.  The barrier reef protects the shoreline from waves, making the perfect conditions for swimming or open water sea kayaking.  Underneath the crystal clear blue water you can see white sand covering the oceanic floor.  Many tours are available which will take you on scuba or snorkeling trips in which you can further explore the underwater terrain.

After a long day of exploring, a highly recommended activity is to take a rest on the beach, eat a mango from a local vendor, or get a fresh caught lobster from some of the locals.  The simplicity of this culture and lifestyle makes our fast food culture seem less glamorous.  

At night you can can lay on a lawnchair and watch the moonlight glisten on the top of the ocean.  If you are lucky you can even catch a glimpse of the utter peacefulness of a local raking the sand on the beach.  The Belizean simple life is easy to immerse yourself in,  and can certainly put and enlightening perspective on our complicated, digital lives.  In many ways, it’s the ultimate getaway.    

Mayan Ruins

The Mayan Ruins

Image via The Culture Trip

The primary language is English, more specifically Belizean Creole, which is commonly found more in the coastal cities.  As you start to venture away from the coast, you can take a trip to some Ancient Mayan Ruins.  Here knowledge of Spanish is recommended.  The Mayan Mountain Range is found mostly in the southern portion of the country. The Ruins are more prevalent the more inland you go toward Guatemala.   With some planning it can be an easy adventure to hike to some Ancient Ruins.  Don’t forget your GOPRO Camera!  You can also find vast rivers for kayaking or even to do some cliff jumping!

The Simple Life

From its amazing reefs, dense jungle, and mountainous regions,  Belize has a lot to offer the adventure traveler. You can go there for a romantic getaway, or just for the pure adventure of it all!  Belize is a destination that is often eclipsed by the more commonly visited vacation destinations such as Cancun.  But you can get it all here!  Putting life into perspective makes this trip the ultimate Enlightened Escape.  Sometimes eating a well ripened mango on the beach surrounded by a culture which reminds you that happiness can be found in the most simplest of pleasures is all you need. So, You Better Belize It!

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