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What Is a Yurt? 5 Reasons Why They Are Awesome - Enlightened Escape

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As they become increasingly popular options for camping or housing, more people are hearing about yurts. They’re still a little unusual to encounter, so if you find you’re asking yourself “what is a yurt and why would I stay in one?” you aren’t alone.

What Is a Yurt?

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When first hearing about yurts, the most frequent response is to wonder just what is a yurt. Yurts are circular tents, often quite large, with at least three thousand years of history behind them. The first yurts were used in Central Asia, where they served as portable housing for nomadic peoples. These early yurts had wooden frames that were covered with felt or furs and most often were transportable on a single pack animal. The yurts that you are likely to encounter in the United States or Canada are constructed with more modern materials and frequently have less emphasis on portability.

While there are those who live in yurts, you’re most likely to experience a night in a yurt while camping. Yurts are frequently used for camping, both as assembled by campers and rented out in a manner similar to cabins, and they offer a number of advantages over traditional tent camping.

Considering Staying in a Yurt? Five Reasons Why You Should

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There are many reasons that you’ll move quickly from asking yourself what is a yurt to falling in love with staying in one.

Spend Less Time on Set-Up

You’ll love yurts from the first moments of finding out how easy they are to stay in.

If you’re renting a yurt, setting up camp can be as easy as unloading your vehicle. While some yurts might not be immediately accessible by vehicle, not needing to pitch tents after hiking to your yurt can make a trip a trip much more enjoyable.

You might be concerned that assembling a yurt on a camping trip might take all day, but camping yurts can be assembled quickly; many of them in as little as thirty to forty-five minutes with practice. While that may be a little more time than a traditional tent, the added benefits of yurt camping can make those few extra minutes well worth it.

Be Close to Nature Without Sacrificing Comfort

Staying in a yurt will allow you hear the sounds of rain without worrying about being soaked. Yurts offer superior protection from the elements when compared to tents, and spending your time in the yurt dry and comfortable will leave you refreshed and ready for your adventures. In cold weather, woodstoves can provide you with a warm place to retreat from the cold.

Even if the weather is perfect, yurts can offer advantages when it comes to comfort. Finding the answer to the question of what is a yurt might not prepare you for all of their possible amenities. Many of the yurts available to rent have furniture for your use, including beds, tables, and chairs. Some yurts are available with stoves and pots, which provide both a more sheltered place to cook and additional options for cooking.

Yurts Are Great for Quality Time

The comfort and spaciousness of yurts provides more opportunity for quality time with a group.

In a larger yurt you’ll be able to have space to gather more people more comfortably, whether for a meal, for a board game, or just for a few minutes to relax between adventures. Not having to split your group into tents will afford everyone more time together, which is an especially great advantage in the event that the weather forces you to spend more time inside than you might have hoped.

Camping yurts might not have space to set up a table, but they can still offer considerably more space to share.

Staying in Yurts Can Be More Affordable

If you love the outdoors and are travelling, you can often stay in a yurt surrounded by incredible landscapes for much less than you would pay in a hotel. This makes it a great option for those travelling for outdoor recreation, as yurts are often available near excellent hiking trails and in scenic locations. For those who are interested in spending time outdoors without investing in camping equipment, renting a yurt provides an outdoor experience without needing to buy tents, sleeping bags, and other gear.

Even for those travelling a long distance with a more urban destination, renting a yurt for a night or two while you’re in transit can provide both a more affordable place to stay than a roadside motel and a unique travel experience.

Yurts Can Be a Great Option for Families

Because of their many benefits, yurts are a great choice for families who want to experience the outdoors.

Not needing to pitch a tent makes renting yurts a great option for those who want to introduce children to camping but who might struggle with establishing a camp and supervising children. Even children who don’t require constant supervision can become impatient waiting for set-up to be complete, so being able to spend less time setting up so that you can more quickly begin enjoying your time together can be a much appreciated benefit to yurts. Not needing to take a tent down makes packing up much easier, which may be appreciated when it’s time to go home and children are reluctant or tired.

The amenities provided can also make family camping much easier. You’ll be able to cook more easily and may have more favorite dishes as options. Having a space to play games without worrying about wind or rain can help transform a rainy day into an impromptu game day.

Tips for Making Your Stay in a Yurt More Enjoyable

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Now that you’ve found an answer to the question of what is yurt and seen some of the reasons that yurts are awesome, you may already be planning your first stay in one. We’ve found a few tips to help make your first night in a yurt, and all that might follow, memorable for all the best reasons.

Layer Up

You might be more protected from the elements than in tent camping, but wearing layers so that you can easily adjust your clothing to match the temperature of the yurt is a good idea.

Remember to Bring Light

Many yurts offer electricity, but just in case you’ll want to bring a flashlight so that you’ll be able to see. If you have space, bringing a lantern is a great idea in case the power goes out or you’d like more light in a certain part of the yurt.

Prepare for Bugs

You may have chosen a yurt to bring you close to nature, but that doesn’t mean you want to be close to mosquitoes. Keeping the doors of your yurt closed as often as possible and using bug spray will help you avoid being bitten.

Choose Your Yurt Carefully

Different yurts have different amenities, so if you’re planning to rent a yurt pay close attention to what is offered as far as utilities and furnishings. More than just amenities, check to be sure that the location fits your needs. For example, if you need to be able to drive up to your yurt, make sure that’s possible before booking.

If you’ve decided to purchase a camping yurt, research carefully. There are different options for camping yurts, for example whether or not the yurt will allow for a woodstove, so you’ll want to decide what features are most important to you ad then find an option that includes each of them. Once purchased, you’ll be able to look forward to many trips with your new yurt. Before taking your first trip, you may want to practice setting up your yurt, so your first night goes more smoothly.

Coming Home to a Yurt

Having discovered how amazing yurts can be you may be wondering “what if I don’t want to leave” instead of “what is a yurt/”

While it may not be common, in many places it is possible to live in yurts. Even if there are no yurts available already assembled, there are companies that can construct a permanent yurt for you with the construction taking as little as a few days. Having a yurt constructed will allow for more personalization, so that your yurt can be as suited to you as possible.

Yurts are a much lower cost option than a traditional house and can be a great choice for those who want to live debt-free lifestyles. You are able to have water and electricity in yurts, so you don’t have to feel like you are perpetually camping in your home. Depending on the area, you may be able to have an entirely off-grid yurt powered by renewable energy.

Making the best use of your space is a priority if you decide to live in a yurt, so you may need to consider what to do to prevent your yurt from becoming cluttered, whether that is having additional options for storage or committing to a more minimalist lifestyle.

Whether you call a yurt home for a single night or for decades, yurts can be incredible places to stay that offer fantastic benefit and a unique experience.

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