In spiritual communities, it’s not too unusual to hear about the enlightening experience of swimming with dolphins. Those who have participated in this awesome activity, report feeling healed, elevated and consider it a life-changing experience.

You Must Experience Swimming With Dolphins

Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea. Knowledge of them is usually limited to a TV screen or book. But for some, it is their quest to experience them first hand, and not just in an aquarium. The true beauty of dolphins can only be experienced out in the wild, in their natural habitat. Swimming with dolphins can give you this ultimate experience.

So, where should you go to start your enlightening escape? How about Hawaii? The Hawaiian islands are home and refuge to a multitude of oceanic wildlife. It’s a place where pods of dolphins are found in abundance. The warm, clear water makes diving and swimming enjoyable. Dolphins find their resting places along the coast in various bays and alcoves.

Start at Kealakekua Bay

One of the most notable places to find dolphins and have the opportunity to swim alongside them, is Kealakekua Bay. It is found on the western coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Historically, it was the home to many powerful Native Hawaiian Ali’i (Kings). And, famously noted as the final resting spot of Captain James Cook; one of the most fearless, well-respected, and successful seafaring men in history. A memorial stands to commemorate his life.

The charm of Kealakekua Bay is immediately noticed. The calm clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and landscape of the ocean floor, make it place of relief for both boats and sea life. With the warm ocean breeze and the crystal reflection of the sun on the water, the bay almost has a hypnotizing effect. Many dolphins come here to rest, play, give birth and mate. Bottlenose and spinner dolphins are the two most prevalent species found here with the latter taking first place.

swimming with dolphins
Spinner dolphins get their name because they leap into the air and spin, giving quite a show. They are quick, smart and a little smaller in size than many other types of dolphins. Seeing them spin in the air is quite an experience. They are natural acrobats and love showing off their talents. They love to display their talents in the wake of the many boats that travel here. And if you think that isn’t enough, wait until you have the chance to swim near them.

The water in the bay is calm, resembling an enormous bathtub. There is no need to go too deep. Swimming with dolphins is really no challenge here because they are curious and will come up close to have a look at you.

Where to Next?

There are a variety of tours that will take you up close and personal to dolphins. The best way to get to the bay is via boat. You can also drive to find some great little beaches. The swim into the bay is not recommended for the average swimmer. The water outside the bay can be rough.

Kealakekua Bay is just one place to experience swimming with dolphins. Of course, Hawaii offers many other locations. Don’t forget, take in the beauty of your surroundings. Hawaii is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. Always respect the Aina (land), animals and deep Hawaiian culture that has remained throughout the years. Hawaii is truly a magical place, but to step into the magic you must have the respect in your heart. Aloha.


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