Want to escape the rush of everyday life?

For those looking for some rest and relaxation, that escape can be found at the Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, which is just a short drive outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visitors here will find a wellness center nestled among a wide expanse of tranquil gardens and spring waters on the historic ‘El Camino Real’.

This resort may be in the desert, but it is alive with lush plant life, dense foliage and towering trees, all of which add to the peaceful aura of the area. Not only that, but the flora emits calm-inducing phytoncides, helping guests to relax and immerse themselves in this naturally beautiful location.

But there is a lot more than plants here, as the resort stretches over 70 acres, offering guests a plethora of options to help decompress from the stresses of life and eventually leave revitalized.

To achieve that, the resort focuses on one thing above all others – harmony.

The Key to Well-Being at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

While there are plenty of different stories from the guests who arrive here, the key to helping every one of them remains the same.

Their experience is tailormade so that they achieve harmony and balance in the four different aspects of well-being:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Guests are spoiled for choice, with the opportunity to do more than ten activities every day, beginning with morning yoga class – helping your body, mind and spirit as you seek to find balance in your body. Going forward, there is a range of options such as mindfulness meditation and expressive arts, to more physical excursions including hiking and even hatchet throwing.

Whether you spend the afternoon hiking through the private trails in the rolling hills of Santa Fe, or simply enjoy some therapeutic gardening in the greenhouse, you can unwind with a massage or a soak in the mineral pool.

Another major highlight of Sunrise Springs Spa Resort is the emphasis on animal interaction. Golden Labrador puppies are fostered here at the spa as they undergo training to become service dogs. During this period, guests at the spa help with the dog training, and more importantly, benefit from the sheer joy of playing with the puppies.

There is also a ‘Chicken Palace’, which is home to the silkie chickens that guests can hold, feed and practice mindful energy techniques with.

The schedule here at Sunrise Springs provides all guests with a wide variety of activities, geared to enhance movement and nutrition, encourage creativity and spirituality, and foster connections.

Ultimately, the guests have the choice to customize their days here, being as busy, or serene, as they like – to make the most of their experience.

Above and Beyond with Bed and Board

The resort has taken care to design the rooms in a way that makes visitors feel both welcome and invigorated. Every casita is awash with natural sunlight, which pours through the beautiful rooms. All of them are equipped with a fireplace, which adds to the cozy feel, especially on colder nights.

When the sun is out, you can soak it up on a private patio with a pot of French press coffee, overlooking the lush gardens from your serene accommodation. To encourage more relaxation, there are no TVs in the rooms. However, if need be, Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.

As if fantastic lodging wasn’t enough, Sunrise Springs makes sure their guests aren’t just well rested, but also well-fed.

Santa Fe has just one option for dining by the waterside, and it’s right here.

The Blue Heron restaurant dishes up delicious fare, using locally grown, organic produce from a nearby farm at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. These fresh herbs and vegetables don’t just keep the restaurant serving up great food, but also allow the spa to run activities such as cooking class, tea making and artisanal crafts such as making soaps and herbal eye pillows.

If you’ve somehow had enough of the natural beauty outside, Sunrise Springs is equipped with a swimming pool and fitness center for those who want to exercise inside.

Relaxation on the Horizon

With a prime location just ten minutes from Santa Fe Airport, Sunrise Spring Spa Resort isn’t hard to get to. The resort is open all year round, providing a perfect getaway for everyone. You may be a solo traveler looking a personal escape, a couple needing some quality time together, or even a group of girls seeking some bonding time.

Whatever your story, whatever your needs, you can be sure it’s worth the trip to Santa Fe. The activities here offer an experience unlike any other, stirring creativity, spirituality and connectivity. On the outskirts, you can hike around the incredible Tent Rocks, or explore the antique stores and fantastic food in the downtown area.

Ultimately, you will leave Sunrise Springs Spa Resort rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world again.

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