Glamorous camping, or better known as “glamping” has become a topic of interest among many, largely due to the dreamy pictures of glampers on Instagram and Pinterest.

Glamping takes the basic idea of camping outdoors, while inviting the idea of extreme comfort and sometimes borderline luxury into the nature scene.

The issue is that these glamping social media posts typically look too good to be true. Not only are they lavish, but glamping photos usually include a wide range of components and glamping supplies to meet the expert level of glamping needed to emulate the photos.

The truth is, you don’t need every tool and appliance in order to be a successful glamper – and you can always start with just a few glamping supplies at first before making your way up to your ideal level of outdoor luxury. 

We’ve put together a list of 7 basic glamping supplies to help get you started, including what each item is for and how it may make your camping experience a little more glamorous.

Our List of Glamping Supplies for Beginner-Glampers

So you want to start glamping but don’t know how to start.

While the list of glamping supplies these days are almost endless with the rise in glamping popularity, the road to starting your glamping attempt doesn’t have to be long and strenuous.

By starting off with a few basic glamping supplies, you can start to feel like a queen or king of the forest while snapping a few awesome Instagram shots while you’re at it.

Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent

These see-through, futuristic tents are perfect for star gazing and nature admiring while staying shielded from bugs or bad weather.

These unique tents offer a high-scale glamping experience, giving you and your glamping team a 360-degree view of your gorgeous surroundings, that’s easy to inflate and pack into your vehicle.

You can check out Amazon for a list of different brands, sizes and types of clear inflatable bubbles tents, or check out your nearest home hardware store.

Bell Tent

If bubble tents aren’t your thing, bell tents have also become a popular trend in the glamping world – and for good reason.

Their classic and simple tent shape offers lots of space for a full-sized bed and accessories or additions to make a tent more like a home.

The cloth material that bell tents are typically made of, gives a clean and inviting appearance, while the set-up involved is fairly straight-forward and easy to follow.

While bell tents are increasingly becoming popular on Airbnb as a modern and high-class glamping experience, you can also buy your own. Check out Amazon for different styles and options, or look up how to DIY your own bell tent to save on some cash!

Queen Airbed Cot

What’s a fancy camping tent without a luxurious bed to match?

By incorporating queen airbed cot into your list of glamping supplies, you’ll boost your glamping experience significantly. 

There are lots of options online to choose from. Coleman Queen Airbed Cot has particularly good ratings and comes with side tables and a battery powered pump for the mattress for the ultimate glamping experience and convenience.

Camping Oven

Have you ever craved home-cooked meals or baked goods while camping? While creating a classic campfire oven is exciting and rewarding, portable camping ovens can give you the comfort and satisfaction that comes with a wide-range of food options.

This can definitely up your glamping supply game, especially if you have a bunch of friends or family members by your side to set up the table for a wilderness feast to remember.

LED Camping Lights

LED camping lights can give your glamping set-up that sparkle to make it a truly magical experience.

By adding these simple accessories to your campsite, you can add style and ambiance, easily and affordably.

Not only that, but they’re a great substitute for headlamps or lanterns, offering light to the entire campsite so your friends and family can enjoy the festivities all night long.

Portable Hammock

Hammocks are the perfect example of true relaxation. By bringing along a portable hammock built for either one or two people, you’ll be able to set up a little relaxation sanctuary anywhere between the trees on your campsite.

These double hammocks found on Amazon work great for two friends or partners to relax, read, sip on some tea or just chat while looking up at the starry sky or whatever gorgeous landscape you’ve brought yourself to.

Video Projector

It’s not a vacation without a classic movie night. However, if you’re camping with a group of people this can be a tricky endeavor.

By bringing a projector screen or even a white bed sheet to pair with a video projector, you’ll be able to set up an outdoor theatre for the whole glamping crew.

Match the outdoor theatre with the LED lights and inflatable couch, and you have yourself a dream glamping setting.

Basic Glamping Supplies: Final Thoughts

Glamping doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream. By Investing in a few basic glamping supplies, you’ll be able to create the glamping experience you’ve always envisioned.

Whether you have a large family with younger children, if you’re in need of a little more comfort or if you just want to get that perfect Instagram shot, there are ways to up your camping game.

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