As many know, some of the most beautiful beaches Greece has to offer are found on the island of Corfu.

In fact, many beaches found in Corfu, Greece have been given Blue Flag status, which is an award given to beaches for the quality of facilities and cleanliness.

Besides Corfu’s esteemed beaches, it is well known for its cultural heritage, gorgeous natural surroundings, and sweet villages. When walking or driving around the streets of Corfu, Greece, you’ll notice olive and Cypriot trees scattered amongst the landscape, giving Corfu its title as one of the greenest islands in Greece.

Corfu not only holds greenery but a lot of sand as well. This island has a total of 57 beaches, both tourist-covered and secluded.

Since there’s a lot of beaches to choose from, we’ve decided to narrow down the best beaches and areas in Corfu for the ultimate beach-hunting experience.

Corfu’s Best East Coast Beaches

The East Coast of Corfu is usually the most popular area for tourists due to its density of top hotels and resorts.

The East Coast also provides easy access to several Blue Flag beaches and Corfu Town itself. In terms of East Coast beaches, they’re usually made of a mix of shingle and sand, while surrounded by dense greenery and a view of Mount Pantokrator.

Corfu Town

This historical town is covered in cobbled streets and Venetian influenced architecture and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage status since 2007.

Not only is the town itself adorable, but there are a couple great beaches you can access from the town as well.

Faliraki Beach offers great swimming conditions and the ability to watch as ships port themselves with the Old Fortress in the distance.

Anemomilos Beach is known as one of the smaller beaches in the area and offers a great beach experience for both locals and tourists.

Dassia Bay

This renown bay is a slice of paradise surrounded by lush nature and greenery. While the location offers a low yet feel, it also is lively and offers calm, shallow waters for swimming activities.

Dassia Bay is one of the beaches in Corfu that has been given Blue Flag Status due to its cleanliness and therefore is quite attractive for families. Although it sounds peaceful and serene, there’s also an upbeat feel to this beach as there are many water sports available such as wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Agios Ioannis Peristeron

If you head south from Corfu Town, you’ll find this area which offers a cool and peaceful vibe. This mellow feel and distance from wild resorts has been attracting families to this beach for years.

The beach itself is made of sand and pebbles and offers tavernas nearby which serve delicious meals day or night.

One of the most attractive features of this beach is its pristine waters and fantastic facilities which offer a high-quality holiday.


Kontokali Bay is a stone-throw away from Corfu Town which provides a great opportunity for families to enjoy a calm resort.

It’s equipped with all types of facilities for a convenient and optimal holiday. The beach itself is quite large, mostly sandy and offers parasols and loungers.

Kontokali is a traditional heritage village which is home to many residents, providing a low-key nightlife scene.


Barbati is a gorgeous beach stretch which is located 17 kilometers north of Corfu Town.

This beach is engulfed in a perimeter of greenery at the bottom of Mount Pantokrator, and offers clear, shallow waters with breathtaking views.

Barbati is another Blue Flag status beach due to its cleanliness and gorgeous surroundings.

Corfu Best North Coast Beaches

While north of Corfu is more rural, it provides a tranquil experience for visitors who are looking to hide from busier resorts.

These beaches are some of the best in Greece due to their crystal-clear waters and golden strips of sand.

Canal D’Amour

One of the most romantic coves of the North and best beaches Corfu has to offer, Canal D’Amour is notorious for its beauty. Although small, its gorgeous rock formations and picturesque scenes are worth the trip.

Make sure to bring your significant other, because as the story goes, lovers who swim in this area will stay together until the end of time.


When Canal D’Amour becomes too crowded, you can head over to Sidari Beach which provides a larger strip of sand, including parasols and loungers for rent.

Agios Georgios

This bay surrounded by greenery as far as the eye can see and breathtaking landscapes are rated as one of the best sandy beaches in Corfu.

There is something for everyone here: water sports, hiking, scuba diving and horseback riding.

This beach is also the cleanest on the island, making it a perfect choice for families.

Corfu, Greece Best Beaches Conclusion

While there are many beaches in Corfu (57 to be specific), a holiday in Corfu can become a bit overwhelming.

However, with the right research and guidance, you’ll be able to track down the best beach that suits your needs and vacation preference.

But, let’s be honest… you can’t really go wrong with any of the beaches in Corfu, Greece.

(If you prefer to explore some beaches within US territory, you may want to consider Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii.)

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